For walking throughout the year in the British Isles, a waterproof, windproof jacket is essential, although a showerproof will probably be OK in the summer months. Ideally your jacket will be made of a breathable material which lets sweat out but doesn't let water in. You will need a hood and pockets for equipment like maps, compasses and food.

You will also need a pair of waterproof trousers which again should be made from a breathable material. You may also want a pair of gaiters which will protect the bottom of your trousers from rain and mud. You can wear normal trousers although you may find that these are not as comfortable on long walks as they are in day-to-day use. You can get walking trousers which tend to have plenty of pockets and dry quickly. Walking shorts are also available but obviously do not protect your legs as well as trousers. Jeans should be avoided when walking as they do not dry quickly and you will get very cold if they get wet.

You should make sure you wear a warm hat in cold weather otherwise a large percentage of your body-heat loss will be through your head. A sun hat (as well as sunblock) is recommended when you are out in the sun for long periods of time.

Gloves should be worn in cold weather especially if you suffer from circulation problems. Ideally, you should be able to swiing your arms whem walking so you should not have your hands in your pockets.

You should wear multiple layers under your coat - this allows air to be trapped between layers providing good insulation. It also allows layers to be removed one at a time if you are too hot. The layer nearest your body should be made from a 'wicking' fabric which draws moisture away from the skin and dries quickly. Fabrics like cotton are not recommended as they absorb moisture and become clammy. Additional layers can be made from fabrics like fleece.

Above all, your clothing should be comfortable. You may need to experiment to achieve this.