Barbeque at Hurley Lock July 2009

Martin & Kazuyo put a lot of effort into organising a summer barbeque as a new event for the OFS. It was doubly unfortunate that it was to suffer from both an enforced change of date and a weather forecast that proved to all to common this summer and was unduly pessimistic. Nonetheless a hard core of 16 members enjoyed Martin & Kazuyo's efforts with a morning walk in what proved to be splendid weather, in a part of the Thames valley that was fresh to most of us. The highlight of the walk was undoubtedly the Sultan of Brunei's idea of what constituted a comfortable home, palace would be a more appropriate description, for a few horses.

Martin completed our walk to the barbeque site along what was an impressively clean sandy section of river that was being enjoyed by a number of swimmers and families playing in the water on what proved to be a pleasant summer day.

The barbeque site was on the island formed by Hurley lock, Martin & Kazuyo kept us well entertained as the fire got up to cooking temperature with an impromptu raffle. First prize was a well thought out "Champagne Cruise" on the river for five people on Martin's boat. The lucky five arrived back to the barbeque well up to speed for cooking.

Peter Ewart