Society Officers

The committee is made up of volunteers. There are currently vacancies for District Secretaries and Ordinary Members.

President & Vice-President

The President and Vice President are appointed by the committee and then approved by the membership at the next AGM. They are not part of the committee.


The Chair is responsible for the smooth and fair running of the Society. Their main job is to chair the meetings of the Society.


The Treasurer is responsible for keeping the maintenance of the Society's accounts, presentation of the accounts to the AGM and advising the committee on financial matters. They are not responsible for deciding how money is spent; this is done by the committee as a whole.


General Secretary

The General Secretary is responsible for preparing the annual report and preparing the agenda for the AGM.

Minutes Secretary

The Minute Secretary is responsible for taking minutes at meetings, keeping files of past minutes and reports, preparing the agenda for the committee meetings (with the Chair) and distributing it to the committee members.

Social Treasurer

The Social Treasurer is responsible for keeping the accounts for the social account. The social account is used for events like holidays and skittles. The money in the account is not part of the Society funds.

Membership Secretary

The membership Secretary is responsible for keeping a record of the members of the Society.

Walks Organiser

The Walks Organiser is responsible for organising the walks programme.


The Webmaster is responsible for maintaining the Society's website, mailing lists and email addresses.



The publicity officer is responsible for ensuring the Society is well publicised in the media and at relevant local institutions.

District Secretaries

District Secretaries report footpath problems, respond to requests for diversions and check for possible claims for new footpaths. Most of the relevant documents for checking claims are in the County Records Office or the Centre for Oxfordshire Studies.

Current Officers

  • Sir Hugo Brunner - President
  • Dr Elizabeth Adams - Chairman
  • Mr Jim Parke - Walks Organiser
  • Dr Mike Wykes - Treasurer
  • Mr David Godfrey - General Secretary & Cherwell District Secretary
  • Mrs Sue Crisp -Minutes Secretary & Health and Safety Officer
  • Ms Jenny Byrne - Newsletter Editor
  • Ms Margaret Jones - Publicity
  • Mr Nick Moon - South Oxfordshire District Secretary
  • Mrs Gwyneth Tyson - Membership Secretary
  • Mrs Janice Ure - Publicity
  • Mr Adam Willett - Webmaster & Social Treasurer
  • Vacancies - City of Oxford District Secretary, West Oxfordshire District Secretary, Vale of White Horse District Secretary & Ordinary Members